Office 365

Note: your.sharkvault.domain is supplied by MailShark SharkVault support. Please raise a MailShark SharkVault support case to query your URL.

Configure networking, and make sure that Office 365 can reach the your.sharkvault.domain on port 25. This may require

setting some firewall rules, etc.

Create a Journaling rule

1. Login to Office 365 as an administrator

2. Select “service settings

3. Select “mail

4. Select “recipients”, then “contacts”, then click on the Plus sign, and select “Mail contact

5. Enter “sharkvault” to First name, enter “sharkvault” to Display name, enter “sharkvault” to Alias, and enter “archive@your.sharkvault.domain” as External email address.

6. Select “mail flow”, then “rules”, then click on the Plus sign, and select “Create a new rule...

7. Enter “archiving” to Name, select “[Apply to all messages]” at “Apply this rule if...”, select “Bcc the message to ...” at “Do the following”, then select the contact named “sharkvault” at the popup window coming up.

8. Finally select “Enforce” at “Choose a mode for this rule”, and click save.