MailShark supports delivery of inbound email via SMTP and LTMP protocols to ANY port at a remote server via hostname or IP.

The configuration is performed using your MailShark Domain Administrator Account.

You can have one or many delivery servers, each delivering / relaying mail to other SMTP servers. Multiple delivery servers also allows for redundancy if a remote SMTP server goes down, and load balancing if remote SMTP servers are heavily loaded in processing emails.

The steps to Add additional delivery servers or Add a server on an alternate port are:

  1. Login with your MailShark Domain Administrator account
  2. Go to "Domains"
  3. your current Delivery Servers will be listed under the "Delivery Servers" section
  4. click "Domain Settings"
  5. click "Add delivery server"
  6. Within the "Server address" field enter the Fully Qualified Hostname or IP of the SMTP server
  7. "Protocol" would normally be left on SMTP
  8. Set "Port" to whichever port you choose
  9. Make sure "Enabled" is ticked
  10. click "Add server"
  11. after server is added, click the "connection test" (left and right arrow icon) to test the connectivity from MailShark to the new delivery server

If a delivery server currently listed in the MailShark interface is required to change or move, you can disabled/remove the item by clicking the red "x" icon to delete it or the "edit" icon to modify the entry and disable the delivery server.