Typically, 9 out of 10 emails you receive are spam.

MailShark is the intermediary that will solve this problem for you!  Your incoming email goes through MailShark, gets processed, then forwarded to you, clean as a whistle.

Cnet.com reported on 16th June, the ACCC released a report in 2014 revealing that:

1. 91,000 Australians victimized in scams during 2013 with 14% of these victims suffering financial losses of more than AU$89 million.

2. 40% of the 91,000 were hit via Internet and Email scams.

3. Phishing Scams and Identify Theft have risen by 73% in a single year striking more than 15,000 Australians in the year 2013.

4. Annual scams report of 2013 showed dating and romance scams moved to number one position in terms of financial losses amounting to $25,247,418.

The ACCC report can be found here:


This is where MailShark becomes extremely valuable to you!

Founded in Australia by Michael Mansour and Steve Mansour, we launched the MailShark Hosted Cloud service 20 May 2014 and from various Web searches, can see MailShark is the ONLY “FREE FOREVER” Cloud-based Anti-Spam solution anywhere in the world.

What does Cloud-based mean? simply No hardware installations, no software installations, no changes to your infrastructure, no maintenance, very simple to get you protected.

Please review our Linkedin profiles for the history of the Founders and the trusted services we’ve provided to partners via our OSTech IT Managed Services business, servicing clients for over a decade through Asia Pacific. In Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solutions, our experience extends back to 1994.

We’re very proud of the MailShark service and know MailShark will help protect your email systems, your business and your staff from Email threats and scams. FREE is the lowest entry point on the market and we know as a result, MailShark will save you thousands of dollars a year in license fees, software fees and hardware fees you’d typically pay for other providers and other vendor products.

For further details please read on.

What is MailShark?

MailShark is a Cloud-Based Email filtering service, designed to filter email borne threats and malware. These threats include: viruses, spam, phishing, click-jacking as well as a host of other malicious undesirables.

At MailShark we believe in giving business what it deserves; nothing but clean, safe and secure email.

Why Do I Need MailShark?

According to the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), between 88-90% of email sent to Inboxes is flagged as abusive, this flood of data can include viruses, spam and malware presenting a hazard to business everywhere.

MailShark acts as a barrier between these threats and the Inboxes of your domain, protecting your business from Email borne virus, phishing and malware infections and ensuring that you only see clean, genuine email arrive at your computer.

Even if your business already has a solution in place, you can still benefit from MailShark. Our scanning and detection rules are updated in real time, ensuring only the latest techniques are employed to protect against Email threats. If your Mail Server ever goes offline, MailShark will continue to filter and store incoming emails to ensure your client emails are never bounced. When your Mail Server becomes active again, MailShark will immediately deliver the incoming emails that have been stored to your Mail Server.

MailShark also has some unique features not found on comparable solutions including:

* storing full content of emails on-line

* ultra fast search of emails and stored contents

* "domain administrator" privilege to review ALL emails by ALL staff, in/out of your domain

* Audit trail for regulatory requirements and full review of actions performed by MailShark accounts

For a full feature-set list, please email info@mailshark.com.au or contact us on our website.